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Day Care Program

We understand that as a mother and father, your baby is the most precious thing in your life. That's why we're making it easier for you to raise your baby, while at the same time continue forward with your professional career. At Ivy Prep International School, we offer the most comprehensive Day Care program for working parents.


Features : 

  • Our smart kids club day care is a place where "all Mom’s Dreams Come True!
  • Not only is it safe and fun, it’s also the perfect learning environment for your baby!
  • In Japanese, we call it "Mama ‘COMBINI'" (Mom’s Convenience!) 
  •  Mom: Build career, bloom and relax
  • Your Children: Immerse them in a multilingual Environment & Heighten their 5 senses & brain power!  

Keeping your baby smiling and happy !

  • Collection of Selected Picture Books
  • Sustainable Natural-Wood Educational Materials to Nurture Sensorial Touch 
  • Brain Stimulation with Board Games, Flash Cards, Lego Edu and more!
Ideal space conceptualized by a mom for moms.
  • Mama Café + Kids Program = SKC !       

  • A Fusion of Relaxation and Education

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