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Education services

Boarding School

This Program is suitable for students in Junior High School / Middle School, Grades 6-8.

Ivy Prep International School offers unmatched and highly personalized consulting and guidance for students and their families who have plans to attend a boarding school outside of Japan. We prioritize first and foremost finding a school that will be the right fit so you can make the most of your junior high and high school years. We want you to take ownership of the application to ensure that all aspects of it are covered and that you grow throughout the process by learning more about your own capabilities, dreams and passions. For students planning on applying to boarding school in the future, we offer a prep program designed to build the skills needed to thrive at boarding school. This program focuses on soft skill development, such as building confidence when giving a presentation, as well as academic reading and writing skills.  Our service is designed to build a strong foundation to ensure the student’s success during the application process, upon arrival at their new school, and beyond.

Program Highlights

・Initial Analysis and Feedback
・Writing Seminars and Lessons
・Research, Scholarship Applications and Visits
・Application Development and Guidance 

High School Guidance Program


This program is Suitable for freshmen to junior students, Grades 9-11.

Ivy Prep International School's Guidance Program works to develop students with clearly defined academic goals and personal interests, and help them achieve their educational and professional goals through revolutionary and methodical one-to-one mentorship guidance.  Simply put, the students who start preparing earlier for the admissions process get better results. With this as our guiding principle, the Guidance Program is an individualized and comprehensive counseling program, which equips students with the skills and knowledge necessary, not only to build a more competitive admissions profile, but also to excel at their chosen academic institution in the future. Students can choose from six-month or year-long Guidance packages, depending on age, level of educational and admissions preparedness, and future secondary or undergraduate application plans. Ivy Prep International School has built an in-house proprietary curriculum based on individual student needs, designed through constant iteration and feedback from education professionals and Ivy League graduates.  

Program Highlights

・Initial Stage
・Early Planning and Advising
・Guidance and Mentoring
・Constant Feedback and Communication

University Application Consulting


This Program is Suitable for rising seniors, Grades 11-12.

Applying to college, especially in the United States, is less of a test, and more of a journey of seeking out your identity and compartmentalizing all that you have learned and done in the past.  We help you assess your learning and career aspirations and understand what schools look for in applicants beyond grades and entrance examination scores.  We bring an impeccable focus to the selection and review process and provide you with the necessary information and guidance needed, to help set you apart from the crowd. Top universities like Harvard, Columbia, Stanford and MIT look for students who are well rounded and have a lot of value to add to their student body. The entire application—resume, essays, recommendation letters, application, and interview—must play a pivotal role in convincing the admissions committee that you have something of value to add to the student body.  It takes a lot of hard work to gain admission to a top university. Ivy Prep International Academy provides the most complete and thorough consulting to assist motivated clients to perfectly execute the long and challenging application process.  

Program Highlights

・Initial Stage
・Essay Development Package 
・Additional Services

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