STEAM Lab activities focus on sparking curiosity within children, aiming to stimulate the Little Scientists that they are, to explore and build their Future Lab. All students will be given a card before they start their journey through the STEAM program track. Each time they successfully finish their activity, they will receive a stamp on their card, which should be full by the end of their STEAMy day. As Leonardo da Vinci said: “learning never exhausts the mind,” and during this time, every student’s gears will be grinding.

Monday to Friday 1:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Age : From 5 to 12 years old

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Little Ms Curious, Marie Curie, said herself to be ‘less curious about people and more curious about ideas.’ Therefore, we’d like to engage the students with science experiments, sparking their experimental side by testing their ideas.

In our lab, we will be concocting our own chemicals, exploring different elements, we can figure out the secrets and wonders of life! We will be discovering new outcomes through experiments, to unravel the scientist side of the students' minds and discover the truth of everything as Galileo Galilei did.



Batteries don't have electricity inside them, but the students will be charged up when they work with technology in the tech lab they participate in next. As the world is developing and we are surrounded by new technology, shall we see the inside of them to see how they work?

Being the 21st century, the world is so modern now, and we have no idea which technologies will be forming next. The students will take part in making their own little, futuristic robot, who knows if they could be next great inventors of technology like the phones in our hands or the planes we fly in.



You aren’t a scientist if you haven’t created something, head upstairs to a higher level of exploration. Here, you can encourage your minds to create, and that will make you an engineer. Remember, you can create any you want, from woodwork to machinery, create your own invention.

Throughout this lab, the students will create their own inventions Whether it be LEGO or wood, we want the students' minds to work to make a piece that could even be used inter- nationally one day.



Coloring outside the line is fine art, and you can do that as an artist. Your life is your canvas, so decorate it! Fill that in with the most colors and materials you can find. This is another way for you to express yourself without using language or words. You can be as abstract as Picasso or curious as Vincent Van Gogh.

Through the addition of Arts in the STEAM Lab, you get to explore with a variety of mediums and styles to create a mesmerizing piece of artwork. In this part of the lab, we will various areas to create a piece of artwork showing how the students are discovering to express themselves, without even having to use the English language, but language of art.




In addition to creating art, we will also work with the children to connecting art and the other areas with math, by modeling after geometrical shapes and calculating the materials needed for experimenting. Math makes up most of your life, you use it almost everywhere you go. And the amazing part is, math is the same in every language worldwide.

So, let’s put our minds together, and explore the world with hands- (and feet-) on experiences. We will count, look at geometrical shapes, and calculate equations like the smart mathemati-cians we are!



When your child first arrives, they will go through an English lesson, helping them relax into the environment. Being an international school, we'd like the students to start with rejogging their English skills. By learning English, you will also help you learn about other cultures. The many experiences will make you grow as a person by learning values, habits and the way of life in a culture that is different from yours.

By learning English, you are enabling yourself to help you learn about other cultures. The many experiences you encounter will make you grow as a person through learning values, habits and the way of life in a culture different from yours.