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International Pre-K & Kindergarten

Monday to Friday, 8:30-14:30 / 8:30 -18:00| Suitable for ages 18 months to 6 years old

Our Pre-K and Kindergarten Program utilizes the Cambridge EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) curriculum, infused with Montessori and Reggio Emilia approaches to help your child develop the necessary skills to succeed as he/she progresses through school, and in life. Our goal is to help your child build a foundation in which they will become future leaders with a global mindset and International values.
As a true IMMERSION International School, English is our primary language of instruction, and we offer five additional languages for students to study, including Japanese, Mandarin, Arabic, Spanish and French. This allows for a multilingual, multicultural environment that will enrich each child’s experience with diversity, as well as widening their horizons and world perspective.

Educational Policy

At Ivy Prep International School, our focus is on the well-rounded development of each student. We believe education is much more than just sitting in a class and  listening to a lecture, much more than just memorizing vocabulary words for a test. It is the facilitation of the well-rounded growth and development of a student, a lifelong journey. We instill a love for learning in our students, and in turn, empower them to utilize their knowledge in meaningful and ethical ways.

Knowledge and Skills

  • Creativite, with a flair

       for innovation.

  • A drive to attain new knowledge.

  • A strong ability to apply knowledge

       learned in different, unfamiliar


  • Able to confidently  and accurately communicate

       with others.

  • A global, open mindset.

  • Well cultured, with a keen

      awareness of diversity.

Ethics and Morals

  • Empowered to make their own choices

  • A better understanding of one's own passions and interests.

  • Understanding of right and wrong.

  • A strong sense of social responsibility.

  • Able to communicate and rally the trust of others.

  • A strong commitment and dedication

        to helping others, and not just themselves.

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