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Summer school 2017 

Hands on STEAM!
Ivy Prep provides children with opportunities for hands-on and problem-based learning which introduce, reinforce, and expose students to Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Math. In conjunction with a strong balance of Language Arts, students will communicate their thoughts and ideas in a meaningful way and think critically when approaching any challenge.
Science theme
Technology theme
Engineering theme
Arts theme
Mathematics theme
Special project : STEAM
June 12th  -  June 23rd           
June 26th  -  July 7th             
July 10th  -  July 21st             
July 24th  -  August 4th       
August 7th  -  August 18th 
August 21st  -  August 31st   
Session 1                
SESSION 2                 
Session 3                
SESSION 4            
SESSION 5     
SESSION 6       
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